Hi there! We are Eli and Yvonne Kaczinski, the owners of Kindred Outfitters.


We're so glad you've found Kindred outfitters and while you're here we thought you'd like the chance to learn a little more about us and our vision for Kindred Outfitters.

When we met (via his sister!), Yvonne owned a menswear store in Abbeville, SC and Eli was finishing up grad school in Ohio.  We fell head over heels for each other and a short 3 months later, Eli proposed. We began planning our wedding for June 2020 and dreaming about what our lives would look like together.  Meanwhile, Eli continued to look for a job in the coaching field and Yvonne struggled with the decision to close the menswear store due to her father passing. When the worldwide pandemic hit, all coaching job opportunities came to a startling halt.


Eli brought up the idea of rebranding and relaunching the store and tailoring it to the things that we are passionate about: living a healthy and active lifestyle, and building community. Each day, this idea of launching our own business became more and more exciting. We already had a beautiful space, a little bit of experience, and a supportive community in Abbeville. We walked over to the park and began to brainstorm store names which eventually led us to Kindred Outfitters. Now, we hope to bring activewear, community, and more to Abbeville and the surrounding areas as well as anyone following along online!